Mindman Master and Mechanical Valves

Mechanical valve ports are opened and closed via mechanical actuation. Mindman offers a wide selection of master and mechanical valves:

Master valves: MVAA pilot valves series

Mechanical valves: MVMA, MVMB, MVMC, ACT, EPA, MVHF  series

Hand valves: MVHA, MVHB, MVHD, MVHC, MVHS, MVHT series

Pedal Valve: MVFA series

Below are a few examples of Mindman master and mechanical valves

MVAA-460-4A2 Pilot Valve


Port Size: G 1/2

Operating Pressure Range: 0 to 8 kgf/cm-2

Proof Pressure: 10 kgf/cm-2


EPA-105-Roller Lever  
No. of Ports: 3

Bore size: PT 1/8

Operating Pressure range: 0 to 9 kgf/cm-2



Bore No.: 15A

Port size: PT 1/2

No. of ports: 5

Operating Pressure Range: 0 to 12 kgf/cm-2